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 A Not So Pleasant Letter

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PostSubject: A Not So Pleasant Letter   Wed May 13, 2009 5:43 pm

"Ah, so you are the hero/es everyone is talking about, Yeah word gets around fast in the guild, Its not everyday you hear about new graduates defeating rock trolls", Mist said. "My apologies, names Mist also known as the hero of strength, Though I must say I haven't had much time to do any quests, But that is not important, The guildmaster sent you here because he saw something in you (all), earlier this morning the guild received a note attached to a stone outside the guild gates, This note was from no other than Hunter a member of the heroes guild once, he felt as if he wasn't gaining anything from the guild so he left and united dozens of bandit factions, a note from him is nothing to look the other way about, he will kill any hero good or evil it dosen/t matter, Its said he gets pleasure in proving to the guild you dont have to be a member to be powerful, so he collects the skulls of all heroes he killed and wears them as a threat to the guild", Mist said. "Disgusting isn't it? luckily the Guildmaster was able to sense where he is and so he wanted me to tell you (all) of his location, You (all) must go their and eliminate Hunter, I've written the details of his location, Good luck Hero/es", Mist said in a tone that showed she knew you would accomplish doing so.

NOTE: Head to Red Wood farm in Witchwood to continue this quest.

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A Not So Pleasant Letter
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