The Forgotten Tales
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 Elder Scrolls Realms

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PostSubject: Elder Scrolls Realms   Fri May 29, 2009 7:05 pm

Since, Fable Forum became a dead forum we cannot continue it until we reach a certain amount of new members, So I apologise to those loyal rpers that continued to play until the end and unluckily had to stop thanks to inactive players, However we still hope you will visit our forums for we have made a new one that cannot die since it is based off of freelance rping, Meaning players can do what they want however they still must follow certain rules anyway I will send the link to the forum check it out when you can.


Coming May 21, 2009. A Freelance Elder Scrolls RPG that lets you venture into unexplored Tamriel, Your goal is to become a Champion!

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Elder Scrolls Realms
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