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 Pet/Mount Template

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PostSubject: Pet/Mount Template   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:56 pm

Name: (The name of your pet/mount.)

Type: (The type of creature this pet/mount is, it can be a real animal, or one you made up, if you've made one up, be sure to name the species, and describe it, in detail.)

Alignment: (Every pet/mount starts 'Neutral' and they change in alignment, when your character changes. Changing their physical appearance and such.)

Personality: (This pet/mount's personality. Please either list or explain.)

Appearance: (Describe the looks of this animal, realize that this could change depending on the decisions you make throughout the RPG. Please describe its size, and how many people it'd be able to carry, if it can at all.)

Fast: (Yes/No, and if so, describe how fast it can go, in miles.)

Hearing: (Keen, High, Average, Decreased, Deafened?)

Smell: (Keen, High, Average, Decreased, None?)

Sight: (Keen, High, Average, Decreased, Blinded?)

Flight: (Yes/No, and if so, how high in feet?)

Claws: (Yes, No)

Fangs: (Yes/No)

Abilities: (Does this animal have any unique abilities, like blowing flames, breathing toxic gas, ect...)

Diet: (Carnivore, Omnivore or Herbivore)

Biography: (This animals biography, life-story up until this point. Please explain it in 2 paragraphs, or at least 10 sentences...)
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Pet/Mount Template
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