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 NPC Character Information

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PostSubject: NPC Character Information   Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:18 pm

The (Current) Archon

Like every Hero, The Archon was brought up in the guild. It is unknown who his parents where, some even questioned if his parents where alive during the archons childhood. As the boy grew up the Guild had noticed him progressing through training far more quicker than the other students. In his teen years the boy had already mastered Strength. It was during the boys graduation that he set out to leave the guild as do all heroes, However his path would lead down an even darker future. The young man as he was now mastered Skill, and at his early 30's he mastered Will. Eventually the man as he was now would find out who he really was and that would be the day he turned his life around. It was said that the man made a deal with a group of dark forces, The deal was that if The Archon Destroyed a fair amount of regions that lead back to the hero of oakvales day, He would be given a machine that would conjure all the will enabling him to make a single wish, So the Archon fulfilled his duty and killed off thousands of people, settlements, houses, shops even Heroes, It was then he was given space to construct the structure and when he completed its creation the dark forces would open its power, so that The Archon could have the one wish he craved for so long, This wish was to control the world and those that did not obey were punished with death. Though it is still mysterious why this man turned down the path of evil some say he became obsessed with power, Those that serve him however would be given the greatest gift of all... to live.

Name: Archon
Age: Mid 40's
Specialty: Strength, Skill, Will
Alignment: Evil
Personality: Intellegent, Ruthless, Destructive, Fearless, Brutal, Selfish, Arrogant, Mischievious, Wise

The Current Guildmaster

The Guildmaster of todays Heroes Guild was known in his past for slaying Sorcerers, As a young kid his family abandoned him since he had a special talent, His parents where too frightened to take care of him and he grew up on the streets until he was placed in the heroes guild and trained specifically by the guildmaster "Tarn" who was the old guildmaster. The current guildmaster earned himself a name in the guild when he destroyed the great summoner "Unraine", It was the most terrfying attack on the guild, thousands of summoners invaded and attacked then out of the blink of an eye the current guildmaster slayed all in his path and saved the guild. Tarn then made him the new guildmaster before dying in his sleep. It was rumoured that the current guildmasters title was "Spirit" for when he destroyed Unraine he freed all the souls in the soulreaper sceptre which was the weapon used by Unraine. Now Spirit trains new heroes in hope they will become virtuous and save Albion when it is needed again.

Name: The Guildmaster (Known by few as "Spirit")
Age: 63
Specialty: Will
Alignment: Good
Personality: Virtuous, Honorable, Kind, Strict, Intellegent


Raine is a follower of the notorius Blades that believed with power the people of Albion should bow before them and they would stop at nothing until every living being bowed before them, He has mastered several dark will abilities. It was said that in order to master his greatest will ability he had to give up his beauty and so his face was destroyed in return for a dark and powerful will ability that allows him to steal the souls of people that fell before him and use it to enhance his powers. Some believe Raine is a necromancer similiar to the old hero "Scythe". He wears a mask that is rumored to make him more powerful than mere humans. Raine has devoted his life into turning heroes down the path of darkness so that they could become his personal pawns, Many assume that Raine knows The Archon and works for him, others believe he works solo and will not stop recruiting heroes until he builds a dark empire to destroy albion.

Name: Raine
Age: Unknown
Specialty: Will
Alignment: Evil
Personality: Intellegent, Ruthless, Destructive, Fearless, Brutal


Mist is the Hero of strength, She has done many quests with Sabre and is a close friend. The Guild has looked up to mist espacially the Heroines of the guild. At a young age Mist's parents were killed while traveling down a bandit infested area. She was then takin in by Spirit at a young age and raised by Spirit, the guild became her home. Mist has considered Spirit to be her Father-like figure and she looks highly upon him. She trained with Sabre and usually always beat him in melee training. However since mist is made of immense strength her will is not as strong as most guild students. Mist has earned a name for herself from fighting in the arena and winning, all the way to slaying Krakens and saving sailing traders. Like Sabre she comes by the guild from time to time however she is always on quests, Over the years her and Sabre grew apart though they still talk with one another when they get the chance. They usually compete on who finishes the toughest quests first and they still do so today. Mist got her name when the people of Rookridge were threatened by a water titan, she slayed the titan before Rookridge was destroyed and returned to the guild soaking wet, Sabre then gave her the hero title of Mist, which at first was a joke but now she is honored to have that name.

Name: Samara (Mist)
Age: 32
Specialty: Strength
Alignment: Good
Personality: Intellegent, Competitive, Honorable, Caring, Adventurous, Loyal, Spiritual


Hunter is the King of Bandits, He was rumoured to have once been apart of the guild but grew impatient and felt he was gaining nothing their. He abandoned the guild and united dozens of bandit factions building his own empire of Bandits. He accepts only the strongest of bandits and seeks out heroes to add to his skull collection, For every skull he wears on his chestplate a hero he killed, He did this to prove that you dont have to be in the Heroes guild to achieve power. He carries "The soul slicer" his scythe, It is said if you are killed by his scythe even your soul feels the pain. Hunter has recently gone into hiding due to aligations that the Guild suspects he is still wandering around killing Heroes. However Hunter was given a special power that inhanced his strength to even match the power of the hero of strength, Though it is unknown who gave him this power however Hunter in returned promised loyalty.

Name: Hunter
Age: Mid 50's
Specialty: Strength
Alignment: Evil
Personality: Brutal, Ruthless, Feared, Pursuasive.


Bullseye, The seductive hero of skill. It was said during Bullseye's childhood he was always fastenated with playing with his toy gun, Killing beetles in his mother & fathers farm. However one day his luxurious life was takin from him, When his parents sent him to the Heroes Guild. Their along with many other of todays known heroes he would train and progress rapidly through skill. The Guilmaster knew he was the hero of skill ever since he was sent on a mission as an apprentice to take out a group of outlaws, He shot them in the head killing all three within the matter of 1 second. Once Bullseye graduated from the guild he had finally set out to do amazing deeds, His most amazing deed was when a settlement in Cestia was under attack by one hundred bandits, Bullseye alone pulled out his Clockwork Pistol and managed to kill all 100 not missing a single head shot. The battle lasted only about 20 minutes surprisingly, After that day Bullseye's wonderous deeds came to a halt, He became so arrogant that he only cared about making love with women and gambling, Though whenever he is confronted by The Guildmaster to do a quest he goes right on it. Bullseye is considered by many as an Egomaniac and will stop at nothing to keep his popularity at a high standard.

Name: Bullseye
Age: 31
Specialty: Skill
Alignment: Good
Personality: Greedy, Egomaniac, Arrogant, Adventurous, Fun, Noble, Proud, Attractive.

Blue Scar
Blue Scar, The Knowledgable Hero of will. Blue Scar got his name when he was attacked by a sorcerer that destroyed his whole entire family, friends, even the innocent settlers including his cousins, aunts, uncles, even sisters and brothers. The reason why Blue Scar lost so many in the attack was because the settlement in which he was from was owned by his whole family, This sorcerer was known as no other then "Mare" a powerful sorcerer feared among many, Mare cast a powerful magic on Blue Scar in an attempt to kill him and surprisingly this let off Blue Scars defensive will barrier, however since the blast was so powerful it backfired causing Blue Scar to get a scar on his left eye this scar was a will scar which color was no other than blue, Blue Scar became unconcious and mare thought he was dead so he left the settlement. The Heroes Guild took in this hero at a young age and he flew through will training in the blink of an eye, At the age of 8 he had mastered his will barrier ability. Blue Scar had become a master of will at only apprentice rank, He was finally sent out to get vengeance on the man who killed so many he loved. Blue Scar finally found the sorcerers Temple and an intense battle broke out, Beams of light were flashing from the tower and people thought it was the end of the world. Eventually Blue Scar had his enemy lying on the ground, The man asked to be spared but Blue Scar believed he did not deserve such an honor and cast him with a great jolt of lightning killing him and destroying the sorcerers temple, That day Blue Scar became a true hero and earned himself a name. Blue Scar still stands today as the youngest to graduate the guild and master will, He now studies about the old kingdom seeking answers of his abilities.

Name: Blue Scar
Age: 20
Specialty: Will
Alignment: Good
Personality: Wise, Intellegent, Explorative, Respectful, Helpful, Loyal, Energetic.
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NPC Character Information
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