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 "Sabre" The Slayer Of Trolls

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PostSubject: "Sabre" The Slayer Of Trolls   Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:13 am


Hero Title



Status: Legendary Hero Called "Sabre"

Good: 80%
Evil: 20%
Status: The Angel
The Angel represents love and caring, Angels are looked upon highly for their kind and virtuous deeds.

Albion, Oakvale


The Sky Piercer (Sabre)

No Items

The Heroes Guild- Graduate
The Temple Of Avo- Priest
The Temple Of Skorm- Not ranked
The Druidic Circle- Not Ranked
The Knights Of Albion- Swordsmaster

Will Abilities
Chaos- Confuses enemies, causing them to stop fighting and behave erratically. They may even attack their allies
Level: XXXXX

Time Control- Slows the world around you, or increases your own speed. You can also instantly teleport to an enemy and, at higher levels, knock them down.
Level: XXXXX

Blades- Creates magical swords to impale your opponents.
Level: XXXXX

Vortex- Creates a powerful windstorm that lifts everything that isn't nailed down and hurls the debris around, damaging enemies. It is possible for Vortex to pick up enemies and slam them into their allies, causing damage to both.
Level: XXXXX

Raise Dead- Creates spectral allies who fight alongside you.
Level: XXXXX

Holy Aurablast- Creates a large beam of will powered by the forces of light, It deals greater damage to dark targets such as demons, undead, and banshees.
Level: XXXXX

Holy Barrier- Creates a barrier that protects Sabre from dark targets for a duration of 2 minutes
Level: XXXXX

Mist- Creates mist that blinds opponents as Sabre stands on a cloud to attack the confused targets.
Level: XXXXX

Wind Clones- Creates clones using the power of the wind.
Level: XXXXX

Cyclone Retreat- If Sabre is given enough time and is in open spaces he can transform himself into a cyclone to escape from an unbeatable situation, Of course it takes time to successfully retreat.
Level: XXXXX

Cold Ankles- Sabre creates a wind below the opponents ankle that causes them to be paralyzed in the ankles, Making them unable to move until the wind grasping their ankles blows away.
Level: XXXXX

Physical Appearance

Kind, Caring, Honorable, Intelligent, Wise, Virtious, Holy, Adventurous, Mysterious, Energetic, And Curious

During Sabres childhood, He was kidnapped by bandits and forced to kill without mercy. As Sabre grew older he started noticing he carried a special talent and was introduced to the heroes guild one night by the Guildmaster. He knew that he wasn't placed on this earth to kill the innocent and began seeking vengeance for all the fallen people he killed, By slaying dozens of bandits at a time. On night when Sabre was sent on a quest to retrieve a relic from eastern samarkand he found a baby dragon lying in the middle of the road lost and scared, This reminded Sabre of his childhood and he rescued the Dragon, Later they will develop a close bond. However before Lithiean was known as Sabre he was sent on a quest to rescue an archaeologist that knew of secrets that not even the guildmaster knew, During the quest Lithiean was ambushed by a dozen trolls and pulled out his sabre to slice threw the giants stomach in the blink of an eye, However at the very end more Trolls showed up and Lithiean was outnumbered and tired from the last troll attack. Lithiean thought this was the end of his life until his baby dragon glowed a bright color and transformed into a large fully grown dragon and now it was Lithiean who owed his life to his baby dragon. Unfortunately after the fight the great dragon transformed back into its baby state which showed Lithiean his little friends new talent, His dragon friend could turn into a large dragon whenever it carried enough will and it would have to be a dire situation. Finally Lithiean and his little friend encountered the archaeologist but before they could rescue him a king earth troll appeared, Now that Lithiean had enough energy he sliced through the beast cutting off his arms then legs in the blink of an eye only to jab his Sabre into the beasts brain. Once Lithiean returned he became known to all as "Sabre The Slayer Of Trolls". It was rumoured that one night Lithiean was given a sword in his sleep by a sky titan that was said to have guarded the heavens, the sabre was powered by the sky allowing Sabre to control the rain, thunder, and many other of the natural elements of the sky, It was known as "The Sky Piercer" and was a Sabre that fit well with Lithiean and his title. Now Lithiean usually performs expert level quests and wanders the world of albion seeking out Heroes who are Virtuous. He still visits the guild from time to time with his baby dragon friend "Kyugo".

Role-Play Sample

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PostSubject: Approved   Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:50 pm

This character application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations and we welcome you to Fable FRPG!
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"Sabre" The Slayer Of Trolls
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