The Forgotten Tales
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PostSubject: Rules/Regulations   Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:53 pm

1. Please respect all members outside of character.

2. In each post, you must have at least 5 sentences in character, when outside of character, mark it with "(OOC: blah blah blah...)" OOC stands for Out Of Character, this does not have to be 5 sentences.

3. If you have any questions on something, you dont understand, or if you wish to prove me wrong, please PM me about affairs like that, so we can maintain some peace within the forum.

4. Please, obvioulsy, there will not be any sexual content.

5. No bad language please, or if its a habit, please keep it on a low when there are others around, just in all respect.

6. Please follow our guidelines, and templates, if you do not, that can branch out problems, and such.

7. If you are not a decent RP'er, and you feel you need help, PM an admin, or mod, as to, not make it a public deal.

8. Please feel free to suggest some upgrades, or some extra service for the forum, and if you know things we do not, please make us aware, and inform us, unless not necessary.

9. Respect all the above rules, if you do not, there will be punishment.

10. There may be NO god-modding, if we catch you god modding, you will be punished.

11. Enjoy Yourselves
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