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 Leokas Serpenthelm

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PostSubject: Leokas Serpenthelm   Fri May 01, 2009 9:46 pm

Leokas Serpenthelm

Hero Title



Status: Student Called "Insight"

Good: 0%
Evil: 0%
Status: The Deviant
The Deviant resembles neither good nor evil and is considered to be basic human stature, a deviant is known as nothingness.

Oakvale Shores, Albion


Iron Longsword [\\=/] , Yew Short Bow

Guild Apprentice Hero Doll (1),


The Heroes Guild- Student
The Temple Of Avo- Not ranked
The Temple Of Skorm- Not ranked
The Druidic Circle- Not Ranked
The Knights Of Albion- Not ranked

Will Abilities
Chaos- Confuses enemies, causing them to stop fighting and behave erratically. They may even attack their allies
Level: XXXXX

Time Control- Slows the world around you, or increases your own speed. You can also instantly teleport to an enemy and, at higher levels, knock them down.
Level: X

Blades- Creates magical swords to impale your opponents.
Level: X

Vortex- Creates a powerful windstorm that lifts everything that isn't nailed down and hurls the debris around, damaging enemies. It is possible for Vortex to pick up enemies and slam them into their allies, causing damage to both.
Level: X

Shock- Stuns your enemies and blasts them with lightning.
Level: X

Inferno- Scorches your opponents with magical flames.
Level: X

Force Push- Blasts your enemieswith invisible force and hurls them into walls or over drops.
Level: X

Arathium- Allows the users to summon clones of themselves, As the ability progresses more clones can be summoned.
Level: X

Jack's Mask- Allows the user to summon a replica of Jacks Mask putting fear in the eyes of the opponent, As the user progresses the mask becomes stronger with the power to cast fear in the eyes of the opponent/s.
Level: X

Physical Appearance
Leokas has dark gray eyes. And medium lengthed, brown hair. He is also 5'6, and not the tallest a young man should be. Leokas also has a very beautiful complexion, simply meaning his skin is soft, and there isn't much acne on his face, if not any at all. Sometimes his hair is in his face, other times it is not... But, usually he has hair in his face, it's not long enough to cover his eyes when it is on the front of his forehead, but it is long enough to just about to. Also, Leokas doesn't have any scars, and his skin isn't fragile, just soft, and clear-looking. He is caucasian, with a slight tan, but not enough to make him appear otherwise(as if he were from Samarkand or anything). He certainly isn't pale and he is not pink. Simply, he is light tan.

Leokas is a young genius. Leokas still has alot to learn, but, what makes up most of his ability and reputation is his knowledge of the will. Leokas prefers wisdom over all else, under wisdom, knowledge... Leokas is also very curious. Most of the time, he is calm, cool and collected. Leokas is also very resourceful, and is quite the experienced young man. Leokas can be very silent, for he is shy. But also very useful, for he is tactical and strategic. Leokas has many goals for himself, which makes him pretty organized, and fulfilling. He never tries to waste time, and tried to do his best, learning more, and becoming wiser, and more intelligent. Leokas is also mysterious, for not many people know of him... But, they know of his talent, knowledge, which popped up in their heads, and is why he had been called "Insight".


Leokas's parents were both full-blooded graduates of the Heroes Guild. They were also known, both, to be Legendary Heroes. His father, Democras Serpenthelm, was a Legendary Hero given the title "Guardian Angel" for his Father would always meet personally with the former Guildmasters... And would respectfully protect the guild, and serve for the peace in the land. His mother Scarlet Dodoran was a Legendary Hero, but, for the wrong reasons... Her title was "Fallen Angel", for she had managed to strike fear, and over-intimidation on others. His father became known as Legendary for once wielding a blade known as the Solus Greatsword, and using it to slay a Great Dragon , as well as multiple other heroes, which is how he was known not only for his melee skills, but his will abilities as well. His father always fought for the goodness of others, and the goodness within his own heart. Now, Leokas's mother was known for special feat. as well. She had been known for slaying 2 very Powerful Demons, as well as her own brother. She wielded a blade known as Demon Regalia, but, it had a darker reputation. It was said that the royal demonic blade itself was given to a line of 1st born demon-children in royalty... She had ended up slaying two of these Demon Children, and they were known to be extremely powerful. Also, after hearing the big news of her own assassination of her brother, people started believing that her blade was cursed, and full of 'dark' will... Which only brought evil into ones heart. Her reasons for her brother's murder was unknown, and forgiven later on. Most believe it was to "test her power". Eventually, on a trip to Samarkand, both of the Legendary Heroes were to end 'plague' within the region. During their travels to the region of the east, and west, and north... They had encountered eachother multiple times. It seemed like fate itself. In all those times, the two Legendary Heroes were dueling one another. Eventually, they mananged to understand eachother through their defining battles, and they travelled with one another, as graduates of the Heroes Guild, and members of the Heroes Guild, hall of fame. They soon fell in love. They than got married within the Heroes Guild's grounds... A couple weeks after their wedding they agreed to hide their swords for eternity, because they were to start a family. They hid both swords in different regions within Albion, to show signs of abandonment towards deaths of other living things. They than settled in a small shack, along the shores of an ocean to the west of Albion... Leokas was born during this time...

Ages 3-5
When Leokas reached the age of three, they both agreed upon teaching him of his abilities with the will, and combat itself. They taught him away from the Heroes Guild, and much more secluded, or in secret. They had given up their ways, but, they believed in fate, and chose to pursue giving their little boy, Leokas some realization of his 'true-self', no a chance. During this time, Leokas was very adept level, but this was expected. His parents showed him three pictures, one of a sword, the other of a longbow, and the third one, a sparkling drawing... Leokas immediately pointed at the sparkling drawing with intrigue in his dark gray baby eyes. His parents began teaching him how to awaken his Will abilities. When he was 5, and got the comprehension of Will understood, they had also taught him the basics of close-quarter combat, and long-ranged/mid-ranged combat.

Ages 6-12
When Leokas reached the age of 6, and after he quickly comprehended the embodiment of Will, and how it worked. The first will ability that was awaken within him, was a pink aura of some kind, which would confuse, or distort the minds perception. This Will ability would later on be known to him as "Chaos". He has first used 'Chaos' very childishly... And would use it to make his parents forget to punish him, or if his parents got in a fight, he'd use his power to make them forget about their disagreement... He'd also use it on villagers in nearby settlements, to get what he wanted, and make them deceive their own beliefs, for the sake of pleasuring him. He was quite devious as well throughout the ages of 6-12. But, even at this time, his genius showed. For it was recognized to him that he was already of a greater level than most Will-Users, with this single ability. During this time of comprehending, and learning more of Chaos his father and mother had taught him their own legendary styles of sword-fighting, and the use of the bow. They had also begun sharing all their stories to him, as if they were bards, or entertainers. He was so intrigued by his bloodline, the ability to use Will, and master things more quickly than the average human, he actually felt like a young hero, one with a conceited purpose, for he was too young to understand good and evil at these ages. He continued learning more about himself and others, and Heroes in general. He was a junior-scholar, even at age 6... This was also when he discovered the knowledge that multiple books could give him, and he learned of strategy, and the tales of the void, and other legendary saga's... His mind at this age, was begginning to grow up... Or so it seemed.

Ages 13-15
By the time Leokas finally reached the age of 13, he was already wise beyond his years, and intelligent, surpassing most at his age. By this time, he had already learned how to use the other Will Abilities he hadn't used in the past, and he was nearly a master at Chaos, learning how to use it alot more usefully, and in a better, more mature way. His mind and himself in general became older. His parents at this time were also starting to get old, well at least under this time and ages conditions with health, and safety. He had also became quite skilled with the sword, and he was at an average level with the bow and arrow. His parents had felt he was ready to be introduced to the Heroes Guild, for they wanted to see him grow up, and become a mighty hero. His path, would be his own decision. At first Leokas, was unsure he wished to take this step further, for he wasn't used to alot of people around, and socializing. But, his parents had mentioned an ancient tomb... An old, and almost never-ending archive of studies, about heroes, and tales, and fate, and strategy, and everything... This is what really triggered his interest. So, he chose to go, agreeing with his parents persuasion skills. After a few weeks, of him going off to the Heroes Guild, then returning home to see his 'retired' parents, others had finally noticed his personality, in general... A quiet intellectual, whose dtermination, and ambition was unmatched... From their eyes that is. They had noticed he was always reading, and in solitary, away from the others, never bothering to meet new people. Girls his age, had noticed this quiet demeanor, and would find him rather attractive... To his instructors Leokas was always polite, and collected, and while not reading a book, or listening to anyone speakibng, he had a cool sort of expression full of knowledge, most didn't have, or hadn't achieved quite yet. He was always organized, and prepared for the next lesson as well. His parents were very proud of him, but, he was still a Novice, most likely due to his personality. Eventually, while returning home he noticed smoke in his direction. This worried him, because in an instant he sensed danger... Or a cold demeanor. He ran towards his one and only home, where his parents would be waiting, and preparing dinner like always, only to see his home in flames. He sensed a dark presence. And suddenly, from behind him appeared a Hero full of Bane... And dread. He was very powerful though. He had deviously spoke of how Leokas's parents tried fighting back, and did very well, until he released his 'eternal' flame... He looked back to his home, but the house was already in a blaze, and it'd be pointless to go there, without being engulfed in the fire, like his parents were. Alongside this powerful Hero were bandits... The dark Hero continued to speak, these words stuck to Leokas: "Cling on to your hatred for me, for all of us... Later in life, when your path is almost fulfilled, or when you find yourself ready, seek me out, use the revenge you will now have for eternity, to turn your back on the rest of the world. For you are special... Continue to fall into the dark abyss, which you will now have, remaining in your mind." These words were deep, dark, and very realistic. Leokas couldn't say a word... But, his Will spoke for him. With a blaze of rage, his Chaos had spread all around him, the Dark Hero got out of range, but, his subordinates, bandits were all within it. They themselves began killing eachother all around Leokas... He was blinded by sadness and fury, and didn't care whether there was blood all around him or not. Eventually all the bandits killed themselves, in a spread of crimson red blood. Leokas charged for the Dark Hero which ruined his life, but before he could get a hold of him, knowing he was weaker than the Dark Hero, the Dark Hero merely dissappeared into a black portal in mid air, which than faded itself. Leokas felt alone... And for the next couple of months, chose not to go back to the Heroes Guild, and simply chose to roam Albion with grief. He ended his training for these 2 months, but received knowledge instead and wise words from a simple old man, which pulled him further, even as far as into meditation. "If you cling onto your past, you'll never prosper in your future." These wise words made Leokas realize he was an avenger... He would have to train hard, and do whatever it takes to kill the man whom killed all he had, and he began to meditate, after one session, he returned to the Heroes Guild 3 months later, taking longer due to 'finding himself', along the way...

Ages 16, Current Time
Leokas returned to the Guild right before he became 16 years old. He wished to pursue graduating from the Heroes Guild, in order to complete his overall Heroes training, and begin following his own path, whether it lead him to the light, or into the darkness, anything for ambition, and vengeance. Also, he had finally mastered 'Chaos' completely. He still kept his cool, calm and collected personality, only to mask the deeper and darker feeling within him. He continued to enroll as a Novice in the Heroes Guild, hoping to achieve greater, and finally graduate. The continuing... Is now.

Role-Play Sample

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This character application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations and we welcome you to Fable FRPG!
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Leokas Serpenthelm
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