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 Common Augment Symbols

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PostSubject: Common Augment Symbols   Fri May 01, 2009 10:23 pm

Here is a list of common augment symbols:

[*]- Mana Augmentation (Inhances Mana)
[<]- Health Augmentation (Inhances Health)
[/\]- Lightining Augmentation (Deals Lightning Damage)
[@]- Wind Augmentation (Deals Wind Damage)
[~]- Rain Augmentation (Deals Water Damage)
[^]- Fire Augmentation (Deals Fire Damage)
[+]- Holy Augmentation (Deals Light Damage)
[#]- Demonic Augmentation (Deals Dark Damage)
[))]- Speed Augmentation (Inhances Speed)
[\\]- Strength Augmentation (Inhances Strength)
[\=/]- Negation Augmentation (Negates Will Attacks, While Sacrificing The Users Own Will, This augment is unique and can only be learned by the current augments owner)

If players have a diffrent augment that makes sense they can have it placed under Augment Creation.
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Common Augment Symbols
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