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PostSubject: Duplication   Mon May 04, 2009 11:39 am

Creator: An Ancient Hero, specifically known for using this Will ability quite often. This hero's name was Arath, whom was also a thief, a mighty one.

Name: Arathium

Element: It's neutral.

By using your will, and enabling it to manifest throughout your entire body, you can then release it into an exact copy of the one whom used Arathium. Basically, you are capable of making clones of yourself, and manipulating them, with the use of your will, and your mindset. From 1-4 clones, they are very fragile, but, from 5-10 clones, they are just as resistant to attacks as the user whom brought them forth.

Novice: The user is capable of making only 1 clone of him/herself.
Apprentice: The user is capable of making 2 clones of him/herself.
Journeyman: The user is capable of making 3 clones of him/herself.
Master: The user is capable of making 4 clones of him/herself.
Expert: The user is capable of making 5-10 clones of him/herself.

The amount of will continues to double each time the level of Arathium increases. For 1 clone, it starts at a tiny amount of will. For 2, that tiny amount doubles. For 3 that new amount doubles, for 4 that newer amount doubles. And finally, from 5-10 clones, it depends on how many you bring forth. 5-7 doubles the amount of will needed for 4 clones, and then 8-10 clones takes alot of will to release from yourself.

Arath had a very witty mind. And there are 2 books based upon his almost-legendary tales. These books are securely located in the Heroes Guild archives. He was first an expert thief, and an orphan... And before he joined the heroes guild he had developed the releasing of Will, and through his Will he enabled it to manifest itself within him, and then release suddenly, making an exact replica of the original form. At a novice level, he merely used the clone, to help him in stealing riches and such. Eventually, after becoming an apprentice of this unique will ability he was soon recognized by the Heroes Guild, and was brought to the Guild. Through his time in the guild he was always mischievous, and sometimes arrogant. But, aside from his personality, he had the potential to become an expert of this Will Ability, that only an intelligent few were capable of using. Once he became an Expert of the Will Ability he had actually made up, he became somewhat legendary, and was even offered into the ranks of an instructor within the Heroes Guild. As soon as he died, which was 100 years prior to present day within the Fable World now, his only request was that his knowledge be kept secret, locked deep within the archives of the Ancient Heroes Guild. It is said that, a specific group of thieves had almost worshipped Arath, and that there was a hidden hall of fame of the greatest thieves, with him, being #1. EVentually, after reading so many books Insight had discovered the secret existence of Arath's writings, and proceeded reading them, and discovering a new Will Ability deep within him. He called it Arathium, in honor of the great thief, Arath...
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PostSubject: Re: Duplication   Mon May 04, 2009 1:17 pm

This Will Ability application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations!

NOTE TO ALL PLAYERS: Remember all beings can only use a certain amount of will at a certain extent, As they achieve higher will status then they may use up more will
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