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 Negation Augmentation

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PostSubject: Negation Augmentation   Mon May 04, 2009 12:30 pm

Name: Negation

Alignment: Somewhat in between good and evil. It depends on the users alignment.

Symbol: [\=/]

Increased Damage: 235%

Increased Range: 50%

Ability: It counters Will Ability. For example, if this is a fireball, and it gets shot at the one whom is in control of this augment, the wielder will be capable of slashing straight through the flame, cancelling it out. It cancels abilities casted on the wielder, or one whom he/she is willing to protect.

It takes the users own will, to satisfy the power of the augmentation, so each time it cancels out an enemies Will, Will is also taken from the one in control of the Augment.

Also, if the weapon this augment is within takes to much impact, multiple times, it will eventually need to recharge based on how much power it withstood earlier.

This augment was created through a mysterious Gem, known as Paradite. A mighty sorcerer first had control of this Ore, and was actually using it to craft certain material. But, as soon as a Hero, whom graduated from the Heroes Guild a few years prior discovered something of this unique ore, he had pursued getting it into his own hands. His conclusion was to attack the mighty sorceror head on. This Heroes name was Gaulgrumdar, and he wielded a Longsword, one which was already augmented and missing one augment spot. Gaulgrumdar was a seeker-of-peace, and he believed mankind could achieve at least national peace within Albion. He heard of Paradite Ore, and of its power to cancel any ability of Will, almost in an instant, so he was deeply attracted to it. Eventually, he got to the Mighty Sorceror's tower, somewhere off the coast of Bloodstone, and managed to fight through the sorcerors encantations, without using one spec. of Will, for it would be futile within the tower, because alot of it was made from Paradite Ore. He reached the top level, and got to the Mighty Sorceror's quarters. The Sorceror knew that this Hero was far too great to get overcome by his power, so, he placed a curse on the Hero, a sickness, knowing that he would be killed by the Hero. The Hero couldn't feel anything, but as soon as he killed the Mighty Sorceror, and took control of the last amount of Paradite, he retreated back to the mainland, to begin crafting a powerful Augment... Right when he got to the mainland, from behind him, far behind he could hear the crumbling of the tall tower. As soon as this was heard, something kicked in, and brought sickness to the Heroes heart. He knew this was the curse from the Mighty Sorceror. He had ignored it for most of his life, and after he had created the Augment, he had become a master of it, and claimed its name to be Negation. He was recruiting to gather up an army, to take control of Albion and reign peacefully. He was powerful enough to do so with the augment in his control, but, as soon as the army was raised, the sickness led to his death, which led to his entire dream, perishing... Forever. The Augment remained kept within the Heroes Guild, but, even there it had eventually gone missing, and it was said to have never been found.
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PostSubject: Re: Negation Augmentation   Mon May 04, 2009 1:11 pm

This Augment application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations!
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Negation Augmentation
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