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 Albion Realtors

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PostSubject: Albion Realtors   Mon May 04, 2009 1:52 pm

"Greetings adventure, Here at the Albion realtors you can purchase a guildhall, house, and properties, But remember you must be specific so we know which property you wish to buy, To help I will list some helpful guidlines", Said the Albion Realtor.

1] Properties require you put the name of the region so we know how much it costs.

2] Guildhalls are 100,000 Gold, and to add more rooms it is an extra 50,000 gold per room, However you get one room free when you purchase the guildhall.

3] If you'd like to build a house, you must choose a settlement this also applies for guildhalls, Prices vary depending on which area you choose, so be wise about your choice.

Lastly, Remember to always add your username so we know who the transaction is going to, and make sure you have the gold before doing so, Business people hate when they are held up...
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Albion Realtors
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