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 A Distance Away

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PostSubject: A Distance Away   Tue May 05, 2009 6:43 pm

In order to test out this new Will Ability that Insight had created... He had chosen to take a long journey to Bloodstone, one of the places furthest away from the Heroes Guild itself. This way, any fellow Heroes whom witness his doing, won't wrongfully think of him as a dark figure, destined for a gloomy past, full of power... He had arrived in Bloodstone, a place he hadn't been to quite as often as he felt he should be. It was full of poverty, he specifically went to the Waterfront, where you could see the white, beautiful gaze of the brilliant moon looking down on you. As well as the calmness of the waves, and the slight shivering coming from the boats ashore to the Waterfront itself. There was a Pirate, simply standing there right outside of his ship... He was suspicious, but Pirates were known to be fierce thieves, and fighters. They usually favored guns or cutlasses... This pirate had a cutlass sheathed against the right side of his waiste. Insight was wise about his actions, for no one knew of his existence in Bloodstone, so he simply raised his hood up, making him appear very gloomy, to an extent, full of mystery, and curiousity. He was quiet about moving through the Waterfront, and he didn't want to attract much attenttion as he quietly and firmly approached the lone Pirate, waiting for something to smuggle... The Pirate was immediately alarmed, a greedy one indeed. "Eh'you! What'ar you doing by mar ship?!" Questioned the Pirate loudly, as Insight continued to approach him, shrouded by his hood, and long cloak. "A'm speakin te'you!" The Pirate said, as he pulled out his cutlass. "Come any closer and'err head is mine!!" Threatened the Pirate as Insight got nearer and nearer. The Pirate was about to move one step further, but Insight stopped before the Pirate pursued him. "Yahh, now 'ats it! Now gimme yerr gold groomy!" Ordered the Pirate, most likely by Groomy, meaning to say Gloomy, for Insight's appearance was dark and gloomy. Insight didn't say a word. "A'm threatenin ya here! I'll cut you!" Threatened the Pirate even more loudly then before. With this threat, enough was enough, and Insight felt it was time to test his Will Ability. "Tell me... What is it you fear?" Asked Insight wisely. "I ain't fear nuttin!" Claimed the Pirate, with pride. "Truthfully? Or through intimidation? That is truly the question..." Stated Insight calmly. "Observe." Added Insight very briefly. The Pirate stood there in amazement, he simply laughed, he could tell this young man was no older than a squire of some sort. Suddenly, Insight reached out his left, turned his hand around, and opened it wide, suddenly Will started flowing out of it, then it was attracted to his other arm which was raised up, one palm was open to the other, and the Will was now in between both Palms. "What the devil ah'you?!"Questioned the Pirate angrily, he was fed up with the supposed 'trickery' and charged towards Insight with his Cutlass in the wild style of a ruffian. "Be afraid!" Shouted Insight, as he lunged the Will he gathered for the 2nd time towards a couple feet out of his palms, it took the shape of Jacks Mask, which glared shaprly into the eyes of the pirate, it immediately struck fear into his eyes. "A-Ahh! Don't hurt me!" Cried the Pirate as he dropped his Cutlass and fell to the ground using his knees to save the impact of the fall. "Fear is everything, yet it is nothing. Just like Jack of Blades, it shall cause oblivion to all you love and know. Fear, is what every human being has locked inside them. You are not fearless... You are a poseur!" Ordered Insight, as he noticed he had driven the Pirate full of fear. The Pirate actually began to cry, and was still crouched and cramped together, to relieve what he had just seen through Jack's Mask. "Now leave! Or it will come to life and break you!" Claimed Insight arguably. The Pirate was so afraid, he kissed Insight's shoe and then turned around and ran off into his boat. Once the Pirate was out of the distance, the Will had stopped taking the form of Jack's fearful Mask, and dispersed itself. "So, it does work. Almost perfectly." Thought Insight out loud. "One of my greatest creations..." Claimed Insight patiently. He simply turned around, and started to leave the town. This time, I merely used it to counter the Pirate's bold and brave attittude... Sometime, I may use it to kill the others victimized by its power... No... The fear of it. Thought Insight to himself, as he slowly started walking away, unseen, and very quietly.
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A Distance Away
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