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 Miscellaneous Information

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PostSubject: Miscellaneous Information   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:30 pm

The fable forum staff have decided to add ageing, This will take place during the main quest and will also take place after a certain amount of posts is reached, The staff have agreed to make ageing go by at a fair pace but it will happen. However if we receive too much complaints about it' It will be removed. We like to think of ageing as a way players can see how experienced you are in the fable world. We recommend all players start at, at least 18 or younger because the older you are the more quickly you will age. We also have not yet decided if their will be a limit so please stay tuned for further news about this subject.

In fable players may marry other players and start a family, Their children will be NPC if they decide to have some or it may be another player, playing as those players children. Just dont forget to buy a ring...

Becoming King Or Queen
Their is 1 avaliable posistion for King and queen the regions is:


To become the king or queen players must save up approximately 1,000,000 Gold.

Becoming Mayor
Players that own all properties for a region may buy the Mayor of that regions manor thus making that player the mayor of that region, Becoming mayor is alot cheaper and easier then becoming King or Queen, The prices vary depending on the regions economy rating.

Investing In Houses/Shops
Like the Fable game series fable forums offers the benefit of investing in houses and shops which will earn the owner an income every 5 minutes.

Building Your Own House
Players will be able to build guildhalls and houses in any settlement, That is as long as they have the gold to build it.

Creating A Guild
Guilds cost 30,000 Gold to create, It will become a group and only the owner of that guild can moderate it. As stated above when players own a guild they can invest 100,000 gold into making a guildhall which can be placed in any settlement.

The Heroes Guild
As you've probaly guessed the guild is still standing which means that quests will be given in the quest hall and yes the quest will be put on quest cards. However most quests will involve a large amount of players this way not everyone misses out on the fun stuff and yes renown and gold will be given to those who complete the quests.

The Guild Seal
The Guild Seal is the greatest Honor among Heroes, For it is given to them once they graduate the guild, This enables students that have the seal and the guildmaster to communicate with one another carrying it.

Becoming Heads Of NPC Factions
Once a player purchases a NPC factions property they will be given the "Head" title of whichever NPC faction they bought for example: a player purchases the heroes guild which is one of the NPC factions, That player will become the new guildmaster. This rule dosen't apply for custom factions.

Players will be given choices that will affect their alignment modifier heres some examples of how players will earn alignment points. Alignment points work with percentages so all players will receive 0% for good & evil at the beginning of the RPG. The highest percentage is 100%.

Good- Ensuring the safety of many and protecting the innocent, bringing the lawbreakers to justice. Being kind

Evil- Killing innocent people, bringing fears in the eyes of many, assisting the lawbreakers, cutting down anyone that stands in your way, Hated among many.

We also have added the renown modifier to the forum this dosent fall under alignment but it does represent similiar features to alignment points considering they are called renown points whether evil or good every player will earn renown if it is promised.

Economy Rating
Economy rating judges how good a region is, Meaning if its a high economy the better the income and the more safe the settlers of that region are. The lower the economy rating the less income and less safe an area is. The best economy rating is 5 Stars the worst is obviously 1 Star.

Floors For Guildhalls
If players would like their guildhall to have more than one floor it will cost them an extra 50,000 per floor for example:

Guild Dining Hall
Guild Sparring Ground
Guild Dorms

That would be 3 floors which costs 100,000 extra gold since all guildhalls start with the first floor for free.

NOTE: More Info Will Be Added As We Get Further Into Fable FRPG...


There will be two kinds of quests:

-Side Quests
-The Main Quest

During quests players will receive rewards, gold, renown, and good or bad points depending on what decision they make during quests or simply what kind of quests they do. Certain quests will require players to have a certain percentage of good or evil points.

Players will have two types of RPing that will at some point involve fighting other players, So Fable Forum has developed a rule, If players have to fight another player during a Quest Battle, and they happen to get defeated, The will be resurected at the heroes guild however, they will be forced to leave the quest this means if it was a side quest then players cannot redo it hopwever if it is part of the main quest players may restart at anytime, The players that remain undefeated will have the victory of the quest card and the benefits. Now we will get to Freelance Battle, as you've already guessed freelance means out of quest battles if a player dies during this type of battle they will remain dead, But to make it more fair we have added resurection phials which are expensive but have a great effect particularly if you die during a Freelance Battle, to read more about resurection Phials please read the topic below this one.

Resurection Phials
Fable forums has added resurection phials to keep players RP characters in the forum without dying and losing all their hard work, These potions work if a player dies during Freelance Battle and will be expensive.

As most stores carry items they also have a stock limit, and it is very much possible for a shop to run out of an item, However the sales price will go up for that specific item, the less they have the more Gold you will receive if you sell an item that they are low on.

The Era
This Era takes place 300 years after Fable and 200 years before Fable 2.

Alignment Status
As players already know Fable Forums placed an alignment modifier, However we are also adding Alignment Status, which will take place when players reach a certain amount of good or evil %, Below will be a list of the alignment status's:

The Deviant- 0% Good, 0% Evil
The Deviant lies in a grey posistion, Taking neither the path of good or evil, Deviants are classified as normal citizen stature and resemble nothingness.

The Phantom- 50% Good, 50% Evil
The Phantom takes the path of both good and evil, and resembles balance. Phantoms are feared but loved and will do whatever it takes to bring order.

The Shadow- 50% Evil, 0% Good
The Shadow resembles fear and darkness, Shadows are feared among many, the presense sends chills down peoples spines

The Saint- 50% Good, 0% Evil
Angels are loved among many and are kind citizens their presense is looked upon highly with gratefulness.

The Angel- 100% Good
Saints are the purest and most benevolent beings as all of albion has to see, With their simple presense brings love and gratefulness among many, once a hero reaches saint status they are truly virtuous heroes.

The Demon- 100% Evil
Demons are feared and hated among many, They are the most heartless of all beings and will stop at nothing to make the people bow before their knees, Once a hero reaches demon status they have truly become corrupt by power.

Fable Forums has agreed to add jail to each region, This way when players kill guards or innocent people and they dont have the money to pay for their actions they are sent somewhere, The counsequence of going to jail will be aging, The greater the offense the longer jail time, So if your evil play it smart, or at least make sure you ahve the gold to make amends for your evil deeds for it will not affect you alignment modifier if you pay for your fines.
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Miscellaneous Information
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