The Forgotten Tales
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PostSubject: Insertion   Tue May 05, 2009 8:15 pm

Insight was given permission, by the Guild to go to Bowerstone, in order to gather an Augmentation he had discovered into his Longsword. The Blacksmith was hammering down some steel, and was quite busy in his work. Insight's hood was down, but he was wearing his usual cloak. In the night time his Cloak almost appeared black, but in daylight, it appeared as it was supposed to, Light Blue. He approached the Blacksmith, with his Longsword sheathed against his back, alongside with the Bows and arrows which were nicely strapped together, and he had a unique augment within the palm of his left hand. "Why hello Sir." Greeted Insight politely. "It is a nice day out today, the sun and all... Don't you agree?" Asked Insight, partly curiously. "Oh, wha'ello there boy!" Replied the Blacksmith stopping his work on the Steel Longsword. "What'ya need done mate?" Asked the Blacksmith, obviously offering some sort of assisstance. "Did you see my apprentice sign outside? Or is it that you need me to refine your blade? Perhaps polish your arrow tips? What is it lad?" Offered, and questioned the Blacksmith very kindly. He was all sweaty due to the heat, and the daily hard-work. "Well, I'd like you to assisst me in exactly placing the Augment within my Longswords slot..." Answered Insight, slightly embarrassed, he was quite the shy young man. "Ya mean you'ont know?" Replied the Blacksmith suprised that someone as pecuilar as this young man, never attempted to place an augment within its slot. "Well, do ye need a lesson?" Offered the Blacksmith. "Kindly, yes I do sir." Answered Insight patiently. "Alright." Replied the Blacksmith, as he proffessionally took the Longsword out of Insight's sheathe. "Hand me the augmentation'er mate." The Blacksmith reached out his hand. "O-Of course..." Handed Insight nervously. "Now, ya see... I ain't no expert on Augments themselves, but i'm a knower-of-the-weapon, and by that, I mean I can show ye where you place the augmentation!" Said the Blacksmith as he thoroughly examined the blade. "Alright, well ya see... There are slot... Some judge a blade by ow'many slots it beholds... This Longsword has 2 Augmentation Slots... You simply examine the pattern of the Augmentations shape, and place it within the Longsword accordingly." Explained the Blacksmith intriguely. Insight was listening very collectedly. The Blacksmith looked deeper into the augmentation. "Well this is odd. This Augment has a unique shape to it, as well as symbol. It's unfamiliar to me?" The Blacksmith tried understanding, and began questioning its insertion... "I may need to make one of your slots more shapely to associate with this augmentation... Would'ya mind boy?" Offered the Blacksmith. "It'll be free!" He claimed. "Sure, that'd be fine. I trust you." Replied Insight keenly. "Goodie goodie! I'll get right to it then. Come back in an hour!" Ordered the Blacksmith generously. "Alright, sir." Replied Insight... Insight walked a few minutes away from the Blacksmith, he decided he'd rest for an hour, and not too far away from the Smith. He was still deep within Bowerstone... And he simply laid himself down... And began to rest.

An hour and thirty minutes passed. Which was a little above his timing. But, at least Insight finally woke up from his slumber. He slowly got up, and began to patiently walk towards the Smith. "Ahh, there you are boy! I had reshaped your Longswords Augment slot! And it should all be ready to be placed." Said the Blacksmith. "It's a warrior tradition to enable the wielder of the blade you wish to augment, to place the augment in the sword himself." Explained the Blacksmith, obviously proving his knowledge over strength. "Here ya are!" The Blacksmith said, as he handed Insight the Longsword and the Augment. "I'm excited, i'll watch ya place it'en ner!" Said the Blacksmith resting his arms atop the table, and hunching a bit, to get a better look at Insight placing the augment into the sword. Insight was excited, but he chose not to show it. He wanted to be remembered as a cool, calm and collected warrior of Albion. He held the sword in one hand, and he had the Augment grasped in the other. He then placed the Augment carefully into the slot. After a few seconds, it had fitted itself almost perfectly. Suddenly, a spiral of black aura swirled around the blade, showing that the insertion was a success. The Blacksmith, as well as a small crowd that had gathered around him began to clap, and admire the young 'warrior'. Insight smiled to the crowd and waved happily, dismissing them. "Thank you sir. Now I understand." Said Insight calmly. "No problem! I hope you enjoy the power, whatever that Augment gives ya!" Said the Blacksmith happily, with a smile. "Oh, I will. Once I figure out this power..." Answered Insight. Insight then walked away, to head back to the Guild.

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