The Forgotten Tales
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PostSubject: Chameleon   Tue May 05, 2009 10:30 pm

Everett Green

Hero Title



Status: Student Called "Chameleon"

Good: 0%
Evil: 0%
Status: The Deviant
The Deviant resembles neither good nor evil and is considered to be basic human stature, a deviant is known as nothingness.

Oakfield, Albion


Iron Scimitar

No Items

The Heroes Guild- Student
The Temple Of Avo- Not ranked
The Temple Of Skorm- Not ranked
The Druidic Circle- Not Ranked
The Knights Of Albion- Not ranked

Will Abilities
Time Control- Slows the world around you, or increases your own speed. You can also instantly teleport to an enemy and, at higher levels, knock them down.
Level: X

Chaos- Confuses enemies, causing them to stop fighting and behave erratically, They may even attack their allies.
Level: X

Shock- Stuns your enemies and blasts them with lightning.
Level: X

Raise Dead- Creates spectral allies who fight alongside you.
Level: X

Vortex- Creates a powerful windstorm that lifts everything that isn't nailed down and hurls the debris around, damaging enemies. It is possible for Vortex to pick up enemies and slam them into their allies, causing damage to both.
Level: X

Transform- Allows Chameleon to transform into any living organism however Chameleon must be able to see it so he can keep the image in his mind, It also gives Chameleon all the powers of whichever thing he's transforms into, He will not be as powerful as the actual organism but he will have all the abilities of that specific organism. This is a unique will ability that can only be learned by Chameleon himself.
Level: XXXXX

Transformation Copies- Allows Chameleon to make 3 copies of himself using bodies of water, such as clouds, Rain, and Lakes, His copies can also transform into any living organism like Chameleon himself can, which is why they are called Transformation Copies. The higher the rank the more Liquid Clones he can create. The Expert level allows him to cast a total of 9 Transformation copies.
Level: X

Dissolve- If Chameleon has enough time he can dissolve himself into small particles and retreat without being seen or attacked.
Level: X

Physical Appearance

Intellegent, Adventurous, Honorable, Loyal, Curious, Respectful, Noble, and Glorious

Everett Green was born in a loving and caring community, However during the first terror of the archons destructive behaviours he destroyed everything and left Everett in the dark, Since Everett was still a toddler the archon spared him. He was eventually found lying in the road and taken to the Heroes Guild. Their he learned to use his most reliable ability, which was to transform into any living organism. At the age of 10 Everett had mastered his Transformation ability and earned the hero title of Chameleon. Everett has one goal that he will never look back upon, That is to get revenge on The Archon for killing so many. Chameleon is unknown with his alignment though he is very keen to studying books about the past. He is more involved in knowledge then allying himself with good or evil.

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PostSubject: Re: Chameleon   Wed May 06, 2009 2:44 pm

This character application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations and we welcome you to Fable FRPG!
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