The Forgotten Tales
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 The Lost Book

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PostSubject: The Lost Book   Wed May 06, 2009 7:02 pm

"Ahh I was expecting you Hero/es, Only a Hero/es of your stature is suitable for this quest, If you do not already know the current Archon has sent a shadow over Albion, He plans on re-creating the spire a dark tool that grants the user a single wish, Unfortunately we have no further information on it and it is dire the guild has this information, For it will help us learn how to destroy it. I hope I can count on you Hero/es for the journey will be rough, I know of the last location of the old archon before his disappearance somewhere in rookridge their should be a hidden structure of some sort, Deep in that structure you will find the book, You must find it and bring it to safe hands, I do not know what creatures you may face but I can promise you a fair award, Now go Hero/es and may the guild guide you" said The Guildmaster.

NOTE: Do not post in this area until the quest is completed, You must head to rookridge and look for a hidden structure their you may start the post, Remeber your guild seal will allow you to communicate with others carrying it.

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The Lost Book
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