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PostSubject: Mythic   Wed May 06, 2009 10:18 pm

Dawn Smith

Hero Title



Status: Student Called "Mythic"

Good: 0%
Evil: 0%
Status: The Deviant
The Deviant resembles neither good nor evil and is considered to be basic human stature, a deviant is known as nothingness.

Bloodstone, Albion


Iron Shortsword, Yew Short Bow

No Items


The Heroes Guild- Student
The Temple Of Avo- Not ranked
The Temple Of Skorm- Not ranked
The Druidic Circle- Not Ranked
The Knights Of Albion- Not ranked

Will Abilities

Physical Appearance

About 5'4, and slightly over 100 pounds. Mythic blue hair, and normally dresses in light clothes and little armor.

Neutral, curious, loves gold and treasure, mischievous, young, energetic, impatient, kind, loyal, persuasive, resourceful, unwasteful, modest, wanderlustrious. (I kinda made the last word up. Wanderlust = wanderlustrious. :-P)

Mythic is very curious, and is a natural treasure-seeker and explorer. She has a curse of getting into trouble, but a knack for getting out of trouble, to make up for it. She has learned to be persuasive, to help get out of any problems or trouble, if caught. Youthful and mischievous, she loves playing pranks or jokes on people. Mythic is kind and loyal to friends and family, but doesn't care much about strangers. If a stranger's life was being threatened, she will intervene, but she is mostly apathetic about strangers. She tends to have a cynical view, and is distrustful. Mythic hates wasting things, and is very resourceful. She hates gambling, because she knows that she will probably lose most, if not, all of her gold. Mythic is a little competitive, but in a friendly way. If someone is very competitive, or overzealous, she will just brush them off and ignore them. She longs to travel, and joined the Hero's guild partly for the gold, and partly for the experience of traveling.


As an only child, Dawn was born in Bloodstone. The economy was just as bad as it currently is(maybe even worse!). Her family was very poor, and they could barely afford to eat, and to buy clothes. She was very adventurous, and always wanted to explore. She dreamed of having her own ship, and her own crew, being a pirate and sailing the seven seas, or being able to explore beyond the hills and mountains opposite of the harbor in Bloodstone. She had an unquenchable thirst for adventure and knowledge. Dawn hated the "dirt-poor" lifestyle, always wishing she was rich, or a powerful thief. Her dreams of grandeur one day led her to steal a small fruit from a vendor's stall, when she was seven. She had not eaten anything that day, because her family didn't have enough gold to buy food until the next day. It was much easier than she had imagined it would be, as she simply waited until no one was looking, and stole one from behind the stall vendor's back. The fruit was tasteless, and of the worst quality, but the rush of adrenaline made it seem like the most glorious apple she had ever sunk her teeth into. From that moment on, she decided that she would earn her gold, fame, and glory from thievery. From the young age of seven, she started stealing jewelry, food, stones to augment weapons with, and other items that she sold to other merchants. Dawn was rarely caught, and could easily escape trouble, especially since there were no guards there. She even learned to pickpocket the citizens of Bloodstone. She became very good at hiding and sneaking, and was by far the stealthiest and most mischievous child in Bloodstone.

Earning herself a generous sum of gold, trinkets, and food by the age of ten, Dawn's parents began to wonder where she had gained it all from. But as long as she kept the family well-fed and happy, they didn't tend to ask too many questions. One day, Dawn saw a powerful-looking figure walking the streets. This entity was a Hero, though she had only heard rumors and tales about Heroes and the Hero's Guild. Dawn only saw this person as a mark. She attempted to delve into a bag that they had slung over their shoulder, which produced a small book. She quickly and quietly walked away, opening the book, searching over it's contents. It seemed to be in some language that she couldn't comprehend. As she was about to start walking back home, she felt the pain of a burst of lightning jolting through her body, which had entered through her back, and was conducted at the fingertips of the Hero she had stolen from. Paralyzed for the moment with both pain, fear, and numbness, she lay on the ground, having dropped the book. The Hero walked over and picked it up, replacing it in his inventory. "Wretched thief!" He scoffed. He continued walking as Dawn got back up and brushed the dirt off of herself. She had rarely been caught, and felt demoralized and flushed with a hot anger. She unwisely picked up a stone, a little bigger than her fist, and threw it as hard as she could at the Hero. In turn, the rock connected with the back of his head, and caused him to stumble forward.

The powerful Hero turned around only to see the shadow of an escaping young rogue escaping. In later months, Dawn thought hard about the Hero's guild, in the powers they possessed, and the skill that they must wield. She considered joining, thinking about the Hero that she had previously encountered, but doubted that she was skilled enough. And she dreaded the thought of going to the guild and meeting that same Hero once more, and again feeling the awful wrath of his lightning, or even worse. Eventually, she saved enough gold from stealing to help her family for at least a year, and brought with her enough gold to eat for a few weeks, and to pay for passage to travel to the Hero's Guild. If she wanted to return to Bloodstone, she wouldn't have enough money. Dawn hated to gamble, and this was the greatest gamble she had taken so far. She had everything to gain, and everything to lose: what if she wasn't good enough to become an apprentice for the Hero's Guild? What if they rejected her? What if she was attacked by bandits? What if she wanted to go back, but didn't have enough money? She wouldn't dare steal in a town with guards. Finally, Dawn decided to take the risk. She left her parents a note, deciding not to tell them where she was going, only telling them that she was guaranteed safety, and that she left the sum of money there to help them out financially, in the decaying economy of Bloodstone.

Dawn arrived at the Hero's Guild and looked on in awe. She hesitated greatly before entering and applying to be trained. She had asked about rumors from people in towns, and had questioned and learned much about Heroes and the Hero's Guild. She learned that they accepted young children to be trained in three disciplines, and was very unsure of herself. But the only thing that gave her enough courage to apply was the thought that she had spent a lot of money and time traveling there, and she would hate to have wasted everything, only to turn back without even trying. To her relief, she had been accepted into the Guild, and was trained from the age of ten into an apprentice. She had trouble with mastering Will powers, and wasn't the best with Melee weapons, but made up for it in skill.

Role-Play Sample
"This is the day! I just know it!" Dawn said to herself, quietly, as she woke up. She was energetic and rested, surviving on a generous 4 hours of sleep each night, spending all night training, studying, reading, or practicing magic, and sometimes even playing harmless tricks on fellow guild apprentices. Dawn started to comb her hair, deep in thought with dreams of grandeur. Maybe she would become a powerful thief once she graduated from the guild, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? Or maybe she would visit her family in Bloodstone again, to see how they fared. By the time she was finished combing her hair, the sun had reached the end of it's nightly sojourn, and had arrived upon the horizon, shining upon her through the window. Dawn set her comb down and stood up, venturing to the training grounds, to start an hour early in her daily training. She ate an apple on the way there and discarded the core by the time she had arrived. Yeah...this is the day... Dawn thought to herself...

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This character application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations and we welcome you to Fable FRPG!
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