The Forgotten Tales
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 Azoth Uozuki

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PostSubject: Azoth Uozuki   Sat May 09, 2009 5:26 pm

Azoth(A-zoth) Uozuki (U-zuk-ki)

Hero Title



Status: Student Called "Death"

Good: 0%
Evil: 0%
Status: The Deviant
The Deviant resembles neither good nor evil and is considered to be basic human stature, a deviant is known as nothingness.

Bloodstone, Albion


Iron Daggar [5], Yew Shortbow [* *], Iron Scythe

Guild Apprentice Hero Doll (1),

The Heroes Guild- Student
The Temple Of Avo- Not ranked
The Temple Of Skorm- Not ranked
The Druidic Circle- Not Ranked
The Knights Of Albion- Not ranked

Will Abilities
Chaos- Confuses enemies, causing them to stop fighting and behave erratically. They may even attack their allies
Level: X

Time Control- Slows the world around you, or increases your own speed. You can also instantly teleport to an enemy and, at higher levels, knock them down.
Level: X

Blades- Creates magical swords to impale your opponents.
Level: X

Vortex- Creates a powerful windstorm that lifts everything that isn't nailed down and hurls the debris around, damaging enemies. It is possible for Vortex to pick up enemies and slam them into their allies, causing damage to both.
Level: X

Shock- Stuns your enemies and blasts them with lightning.
Level: X

Inferno- Scorches your opponents with magical flames.
Level: X

Force Push- Blasts your enemieswith invisible force and hurls them into walls or over drops.
Level: X

Raise Dead- Creates spectral allies who fight alongside you
Level: X

Physical Appearance

Has a ‘I don’t give-a-sh_t’ attitude, but he has a pure heart. He really does care about people, even though he doesn’t act like it. But when he is on a mission, he doesn’t care about his target.

Azoth was raised by one of Bloodstones’ many whores. This time was hard. Every day Azoth had to live in a box. He had no home, he had no friends either. This hard time is what made Azoth strong, this is how he became pure at heart, this is how one of Albion’s assassins. When Azoth turned six, he ran away. He stole two daggers from the local blacksmith. The marsh, right outside of Bloodstone, was Azoth’s greatest test. He lived there for two years there. He got out, far away from Bloodstone, and he found a caravan. He joined the caravan, and on his tenth birthday he reached Bowerstone. He lives in Bowerstone, working for the local blacksmith. This is where he got most of his muscles from, and he made most of his weapons here as well. I went out for a walk one day and saw the Hero’s Guild. I soon join it as an assassin.

Role-Play Sample
*clink* *clink* *clink* Went the sound of my hammer. “Can I stop now?” I asked my Master. “No, finish off that short sword, and start on this dagger.” said my Master. I sighed and said, “Fine, but I want to know my earnings.” then my Master said, “You know what your daily earning is. Well, at least you should know by now.” I sighed again, as I finished the sword. I put the sword in the barrel of water next to my, and grabbed the unfinished dagger. I raised my hammer and slammed it down on the dagger, finishing it in one blow. I then put the sword in the barrel and placed my hammer on the table near me. “Done.” I said as I picked up the bag of 45 gold pieces and jogged off towards the Hero’s Guild. (I hope there is a job at the Guild. If not, then I’m going to kill someone.) I through as I kicked open the door of the Guild, with my hand in my pockets.

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PostSubject: Re: Azoth Uozuki   Mon May 11, 2009 5:29 pm

This character application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations and we welcome you to Fable FRPG!
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Azoth Uozuki
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