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 Shadow Slash

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PostSubject: Shadow Slash   Mon May 11, 2009 6:24 am

Name: Shadow Slash

Alignment: evil, used manly by assassins

Symbol: *
[ * * ]
* * *

Increased Damage: -10% (see ‘Drawbacks’)

Increased Range: 55%

Ability: When the weapon hits will, it absorbs it, and uses the will attack.

Ex: a huge fireball was coming right at me. I slashed the fireball with my blade, and all the fire went into my blade. I rised my blade and I slashed my blade at the Will user. As I did that, a wave of fire shoot out at the Will user.

Drawback: decreases damage, but if will is absorbed, the damage it that of the will attack. The user will hear a voice in his/her head. Shadow Slash eats away at its host's will. If the host isn't strong enough, Shadow (what Azoth calls it) will absorb the host. So, if the host is weak at will, Shadow will kill the host. Slowly Shadow kills its host, once the host's will is gone, until the host is nothing but a shell of its formor self.

Origin: This augment is rare, only one were made, because assassins wanted it. Sell it, bribe with it, or what ever they think they could use it for. Dark Cut is mainly put on bows. It is a idiot of an idea to put it on a sword, because if you try to cut a will attack at close range is a death wish. Back, at the dawn of the assassins, a master assassin named Durzo Blint, made an augment. Because of its dark color and it power, he named it Dark Cut. DC, Dark Cut, is its mostly used name. Durzo only maded five, three for powerful famlies, one for him self, and the last one for his son. His son die right before Durzo gave it to him. When Durzo saw his dead son, he went insane. The DC fell into the pool of blood forming at the dead body. The augment aborbed the blood, and became a new augment. It was called Shadow Slash. This augment went through many deaths. It saw much evil in its life. Now it only let people that are pure at heart use it. It uses a power to bend a weak willed person to do it biding. This is how it finds new owners. Shadow Slash can get a bit strange, like how you would fill if a voice in your head says things that you are trying not to think about. Like someone voicing unwanted thoughts. The only up to this is that you never get lonely........ thats the only up there is. After years of wandering, Shadow Slash finds a pure hearted assassin named Azoth. Shadow Slash quickly became fond of this kid. Shadow was with Azoth when he started to become an assassin, most likely when Azoth started to kill people for money(like most assassins do).

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Slash   Mon May 11, 2009 8:14 pm

This Augment application has been placed under Approved status, Congratulations!
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Shadow Slash
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