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 Character Creation Template

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PostSubject: Character Creation Template   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:09 pm

Name: (The name of your character.)

Hero Title: (You characters Hero Title)

Age: (The age of your character.)

Gold: (The amount of gold pieces you have, all players start with 0 gold.)

(Which faction is your character apart of?, Players must add the factions listed below)

1. The Heroes Guild
2. The Temple Of Avo
3. The Temple Of Skorm
4. The Druidic Circle
5. The Knights Of Albion

(This applies to the faction your in, unless given special permission by the admins to start as a high rank, you must start as the lowest rank of that faction. Players must add the ranks below.)

1. Not Ranked
2. Not Ranked
3. Not Ranked
4. Not Ranked
5. Not Ranked

Birthplace: (Which region was your character born in? Be specific, don't simply say Albion or Western Samarkand... We mean, Oakvale, and such.)

Gender: (Male/Female?)

Weapon: (Your character's weapon? Be sure it applies to the weapons field. Also, no players may start with an augmented weapon or a legendary one, unless they have been given permission by the Admin(s) to do so!)

Will Abilities: (You must add ALL the basic will abilities here, also, add 1 'X' symbolizing the level of that ability, all members must start with novice level will abilities. Example: Vortex - X the 'X' symbolizes it is at novice level. This rule applies to all will abilities.)

(All members must start simply as 'Neutral' unless given special permission not to, in the future, your actions will apply to your alignment, and the staff may edit your application if they feel your alignment has changed a bit.)
Good: 0%
Evil: 0%

Physical Appearance: (Describe what your character looks like, or use the [img] tag or [url] tag to actually show us what your character looks like.)

Personality: (Describe your personality to us. This description must be at least 3 sentences or more. You may also list the traits your character has.)

Biography: (Your characters life-story up until the current point. This must be at least 10 sentences, or two paragraphs.)

Role-Play Sample: (Sample your role-playing skills to us, so we know where you stand, when you first start playing, it is just for our own knowledge. This is required though, unless given special permission not to do this by the staff.)
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Character Creation Template
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