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 Fable 2 "See The Future" DLC

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PostSubject: Fable 2 "See The Future" DLC   Mon May 11, 2009 6:10 pm

Fable 2 players, Be prepared for on May 12th See The Future DLC will be avaliable, This will help get a better background on what exactly happened bewtween fable and fable 2, They also stated that they will tell more about Theresa and what her purpose is.

Its only 560 GP ($7.00), In my opinion it looks alot better then Knothole Island DLC which was even more expensive

HINT: Be prepared to fight a necromancer unlike any boss in Fable 2!

Avaliable for both the PC and Xbox 360, Dont Fall Behind!!!!!
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Fable 2 "See The Future" DLC
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