The Forgotten Tales
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 The Bridge Of Alliance

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PostSubject: The Bridge Of Alliance   Mon May 11, 2009 7:15 pm

"Well wrap me in pigskin and call me a sausage, An adventurer/s! and if your here you must be a skilled one at that, Welcome to Knothole Island, though it has seen better days", said the Current head of knothole island. "You see something halfway down the bridge destroyed our only secure way of getting to Albion so we haven't been able to trade anything, Its been years since we've even had a tourist, You have to help us I assure you the reward will be large" said the head. "you will have to head to the center of Knothole islands bridge of alliance and use this flute to call on the creature that destroyed the bridge, Be careful adventur/ers it will be a dangerous quest" said the head.

1) You must start this quest by going to Bloodstones Canal, It will be the only way to begin.
2)Go to Knothole Island, The Bridge Of Alliance, to continue this quest.
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The Bridge Of Alliance
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