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 The Bridge Of Alliance (Side Quest)

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PostSubject: The Bridge Of Alliance (Side Quest)   Mon May 11, 2009 7:25 pm

The Bridge Of Alliance has long been a symbol of alliance bewtween Knothole Island and Albion. Though it was destroyed years ago, It Hasn't been used bewtween the two regions for too long and the head of knothole island needs goods and needs to earn money so that he can keep his economy at a fair level. It is dire that a Hero take this quest for it could jeapardize all of albion.

Quest Requirements

Renown: 5000
Gold: 5000

Starting The Quest

Head to Bloodstone's Canal and speak with the sailor.

Player Space

2-6 Players

Quest Rewards

Renown: 2000
Gold: 20,000

(Once this quest is completed, Knothole Island will be open to all players!, So Heroes that accept this quest will go down in Fable Forum history!)
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The Bridge Of Alliance (Side Quest)
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