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 The Basic Will Abilities

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PostSubject: The Basic Will Abilities   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:12 pm

Chaos- Confuses enemies, causing them to stop fighting and behave erratically. They may even attack their allies

Force Push- Blasts your enemies with invisible force and hurls them into walls or over drops.

Inferno- Scorches your opponents with magical flames.

Raise Dead- Creates spectral allies who fight alongside you.

Shock- Stuns your enemies and blasts them with lightning

Blades- Creates magical swords to impale your opponents.

Time Control- Slows the world around you, or increases your own speed. You can also instantly teleport to an enemy and, at higher levels, knock them down.

Vortex- Creates a powerful windstorm that lifts everything that isn't nailed down and hurls the debris around, damaging enemies. It is possible for Vortex to pick up enemies and slam them into their allies, causing damage to both.

Important Information

1. Remember all will abilities have 5 levels of mastery these levels are:

-Novice: X
-Apprentice: XX
-Journeymen: XXX
-Master: XXXX
-Expert: XXXXX

All players who just begin Fable FRPG must have all will abilities at Novice level as these will increase the more you use a certain spell. Labeled 'X'

2. All players must have 8 will abilities, They will unlock more will space overtime however 5 of those 8 abilities must be the basic will abilities. Custom will abilities will also begin at Novice level.

3. Time Control isnt a god mod as players may have the same ability and it will not affect them depending on the player and their opponents mastery level with the time control spell.
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The Basic Will Abilities
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