The Forgotten Tales
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 A Haunting

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PostSubject: A Haunting   Wed May 13, 2009 4:46 pm

"By the grace of the gods!, I cant take it anymore, The screaming and the chills, no one can sleep at night... Adventurer/s you Have to stop those annoying ghosts in the haunted mansion, Put them out of their misery or tear them to the gates of the underworld I dont care!, Just get rid of them", Said a man. "My apologies adventurer/s, The villagers here have no idea about the history of that house, Long ago a man that was into dark magic, Cursed the house and sold his soul to the shadow court, in return for his soul the shadow court turned him into a powerful dark spirit, and now those screams people are hearing are really the sounds of the undead, draining life away from the villagers, I have tried many times to approach the house but im afraid this task is only meant for people such as yourself/selves", Said an old knight of the village.

NOTE: After you read this head to the haunted mansion.
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A Haunting
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