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 Guild Creation Template

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PostSubject: Guild Creation Template   Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:57 pm

Name: (The name of your Guild, this will also be the name of the group staff makes, when the Guild has been approved.)

Creator: (The creator of this Guild, or the Founder of it, also refered to as the head of the particular guild)

Guild Color: All players may color their guild make sure to add color if you are interested in doing so.

Members: (The list of members that are involved in the guild)

Ranks: (Explain and list the ranks from lowest to highest, or highest to lowestt.)

Requirements: (The requirements to join this Guild, this can vary from, 'must be a will user' and/or 'must have at least 10,000 gold. This can also involve ones alignment, like for instance, this guild may only accept evil characters...)

Payment: (Is there any sort of payment rewards for each quest members do in this guild? Also, this can be how much players must donate to the guild every week, or so.)

Allies: (The allies of this Guild, by allies we mean other factions.)

Enemies: (The enemies of this Guild, by enemies we mean other factions.)

History: (The history of this Guild... At least a paragraph long, or 6 sentences.)
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Guild Creation Template
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